Big Blue Eyes

19 juni 2023
Mark Lobenstein

This song was born out of a profound source of inspiration, namely Brian van Leeuwen’s book, “Het had zomaar anders kunnen aflopen.” Join me on this musical journey as we explore how this beautiful creation came to life.

As a musician and composer, I’m always on the lookout for sources of inspiration to fuel my creativity. When I picked up Brian van Leeuwen’s book, little did I know that it would deeply resonate with me. Brian’s journey of personal transformation, the ups and downs, and the power of human resilience struck a chord deep within my soul.

As I delved into the pages of the book, I felt a surge of emotions that I wanted to translate into music. The book brought forth feelings that I sought to capture in a melody. It was as if I connected with the core of the story and the profound emotions described within its pages.

With the inspiration from Brian’s book, I embarked on the composition process of “Big Blue Eyes.” I aimed to capture the enchantment and the powerful emotions of human connection. The melodies and harmonies began to flow, and I sensed that something special was being created.

The title “Big Blue Eyes” intuitively came to me while crafting the music. It symbolizes the depth and beauty of looking into someone’s eyes, the windows to the soul. It is a tribute to the magic we experience when we genuinely connect with others.

Now that “Big Blue Eyes” has been released, I am overwhelmed by the reactions and feedback I’ve received. People are sharing how the song touches them, evokes memories, and stirs emotions. This is precisely what I aimed to achieve – to share a musical experience that resonates with listeners’ hearts and connects them with their own feelings.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Brian van Leeuwen for sharing his story and his journey of personal growth. His book has enriched not only my life but also led to the creation of “Big Blue Eyes.” Brian, if you’re reading this, know that your words have been a source of inspiration and have had a life-changing impact.

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