9 januari 2023
Mark Lobenstein

A Musical Tribute to the Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust

“Erased” is a poignant musical project by composer and musician Mark Lobenstein. This album is dedicated to remembering and honoring the lives tragically erased by the Holocaust, with a particular focus on Ilse Wagner, the nearly forgotten friend of Anne Frank.

With profound melodies and refined arrangements, “Erased” takes listeners on a journey through time, sorrow and memory.

Mark Lobenstein is known for his ability to bring deep emotions and stories to life through his music. With “Erased” Mark not only delivers a great artistic achievement, but also contributes to remembering the stories of those affected by the Holocaust.

“Erased” is a call to remembrance. It is an invitation to hear the stories of those we must never forget. Listen to this beautiful album now and become part of this important journey of remembrance and tribute.


Piano – Mark Lobenstein
Viola – Alex Welch
Cello – Eva van de Poll

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