In My Memories

16 november 2022
Mark Lobenstein

On this album I created pieces for which I used memories of my childhood, my parents, my first dog and so on. You always carry memories with you, and also the less pleasant memories. But most memories evoke a warm feeling in me.

For example, the very first memory I have: I was very small and played a toy piano and my grandmother loved it. Also the memories of my piano lessons and my first piano teacher. The feeling that I could play a piece that I had heard for the first time before made me euphoric.

I used my memories for this album to create new pieces and also reflect on my life through my memories. In this way I was able to express myself differently than before, because I had to to explore parts of myself which I earlier pushed away. So this album made it possible for me to open up, to let go some of my sorrows and grief but also to feel happy about the nice memories I have.

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